isn’t it so strange that we start  making fun of anybody’s body without thinking anything , without knowing how that person  would feel?

It seems to us that we are only joking and nothing wrong in this but have you thought How much does that person doubt himself because of our little joke but wait wait wait this is no small joke


Body shaming as defined by National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders is “Body shaming is known as the action or practice of expressing humiliation about another individual’s body shape or size; a form of bullying that can result in severe emotional trauma, especially at a young age. ” 

Yessss a severe emotional trauma …

But have we ever thought because of our stupid joke or fun it’s become difficult for that person to sleep at nights . Suspecting himself/herself, he/she finds himself/herself crying all night. That person’s mental condition becomes worse and worse .person starts hating himself .

He/she gets entangled in such a trap from where he/she cannot get out even if he/she wants to.We think we are joking but it makes that person’s life like hell .

With this, many more mental illness start to occur like depression , anxiety , personality disorder etc .

It is not necessary that if the person is laughing in front of us, he wouldn’t mind or his mind would not be affected . These things destroy the human from inside.

So say a big nooooooooo to body shaming And stop making fun of someone’s appearance.

It doesn’t matter how a person is looking but what makes a difference is character .



There was a news in the newspaper that the boy killed a girl because she refused to marry him.

I was not surprised. know why?Because this is not the first crime related to women. Most of the news that appears in newspapers everyday is on it.For a few days we carry out a candle march and shout for justice and after that everyone gets busy with their work.

When I was telling some people about this news. I heard a very strange response. One man said that “the girl would be at fault. No one can kill someone like this. Surely the girl too must have done something.”

I was surprised after hearing this.

the first sentence that came out of my mouth was what the fuck.

I said, we easily pass judgment about the daughters of others But when it comes to our daughter, we feel bad.

But that person was not going to make any difference.Such people simply know to question the character of everyone.

But these words of that person had shaken my mind completely. But such thinking is not just of that man rather most people think the same.

If something wrong had happened to a girl we stand ready to say this Why was she dressed so short? Why was she laughing so openly in public? Why did she talk to boys? etc etc, etc

Just tell me one thing, after all, how long will we continue to blame women instead of our disgusting mindset.

ever ask yourself  Is it women’s fault or our disgusting thinking’s fault.

This teaching is started in childhood. If the girl has to go out somewhere, take your father or brother with you. Since childhood, she is prohibited from wearing short clothes and forbidden to talk to boys.

On one hand, we worship girls as god On the other hand we crush their independence.

What do we want? Do we know ourselves what we are doing?

Will we always endure like this? Do we have no right to freedom? Will we girls always be seen as sex objects?Will our society ever change its thinking? Or is this our fault ?

I have not got the answers to these questions to date. Or in fact, Don’t know if we will get answers or not?

Thank you ❣


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Hey Guys, Almost every one of us has gone through such times in our life where we were made fun of. When we think about that time, we ask ourselves, why did we not do this and that. But stop and think, ask yourself that if that time again comes into your life in some other way , are you able to fight all those things again?Do we love ourself that much that no matter how much others  joke about it, we don’t mind their words or we don’t give a fuck about their words or bad jokes? If yes, then congratulations you have reached that place in your life where you can do whatever you want.And if your answer is not, then keep trying continuously, see where is problem , you will definitely reach that place.

Let’s discuss an incident with you guys.

There was a boy when he was young he used to tell everyone about his dreams. He Was crazy about his dreams. He started talking to his friends at school about his dream. Instead of understanding him, they started making fun of him. Everyone had made fun of him. They tried to torture him. All of them used to taunt bad things on him or else write his dream on paper and throw it towards him.

What do you think will have affected the mental state of that child?

Yepp…That boy started living in his own thoughts, in his own imaginations, in his own world. Time passed and he became hollow from inside. When he grew up, he could not perform according to his talent. At the same time, he was also overweight. People started making fun of him because of his weight. People called him a thunder cloud that would never rain. He was tired of hearing taunts on his weight, on his talent, on his body type, on his short height. He also tried to commit suicide several times. He started going into depression. he tried to tell his parents several times. But the parents did not consider mental illness to be anything. they used to scold him when he talks about his condition.

But whose fault is it?Was it the fault of his parents who were unable to understand their child?Or is it the fault of society that it does not think even once to degrade someone’s moral?

all these cases of bullying either take someone’s life or make them dead inside.

What do you think we should do to stop all these things?…tell us in comment section.

Let’s start by changing ourselves.Because somewhere we also make fun of someone or something unknowingly.

If someone who is reading this and is going through the same problem.Please tell someone, get help from someone because fighting is necessary and You do not know how many people you can help by raising your voice against such issues.



Be your own boss……………………………….. Embrace your flaws……………

Look look beautiful ………….. You are beautiful…………. Life is beautiful………… So stand up beautiful…………. .. Make your life beautiful……….. Make your thoughts beautiful…………. Make your mind beautiful……….. Make this world beautiful……..

Woooohooooohoooooo wooooowoooohoooohooooooo. Girllllllll be your own boss…………… Embrace your flaws

Stop saying time tough………… Make yourself tough……………. Make your mind tough…………. God is not tough……… He wants you to be tough……… Because you can beat tough……….. Say thanks for life tough……….. Because you become more tough……….

Yayyyyyyheyyyyyheyyyyy. Heeeeyyyyyyyeeeeeeyeeeeee. Girllll be your own boss………….. Embrace your flaws.

Keep hustlin bustlin in the night…….. keep your thoughts tight……. Keep your mind right……… Hold your tears tight……. You can change this plight……. So shine with more light…….. Make your life bright…….. And rise to different height……

Girlllll girlllll girlllll. Be your own boss………. Embrace your flawss flawsssss flawssssss

Thank you ^_^


I didn’t know what I want
Everything was going wrong
I was living in imagination
All I did was procrastination
Depression hit me hard
I was like a falling star
I started losing everything
It was like a bad dream
Everyone left me up
My life was like fucked up
Then for many years I was broken broken broken
It felt like everything was stolen stolen stolen
I was a loser with no use
My life was with no muse
I was tired of my daydream
But I was not able to drain this
Life felt too big
All I want to end this
But life is a teacher with no mercy
It shows you all things that you have not gut to see
But keep your hope high high high
Try harder without any sigh sigh sigh
Sorrow and happiness are two sides of life
If there is sorrow then happiness too
All of these things are depend on you
You are the maker and you are the breaker
Yes you are the one who is your fate awaker
So dude keep going going going
Don’t stop doing doing doing. Yeahhhhhhh keep going going going. Don’t stop doing doing doing

Thank you ^_^


Helloooo guys….

Let’s talk a few things before proceeding

Don’t you sometimes feel that we are only responsible for whatever has gone wrong in life or whatever is going wrong? If we were mentally fine, things could have been better from now on Or if we were okay, we would not have seen what we are seeing today. Many times we wonder why we are so bad?

Many times it seems that people who have left us due to our condition, perhaps it was our fault, not their fault.Perhaps we had broken them so badly that they had to leave us or Perhaps we are our worst enemy or Perhaps they are true that we can never be friend  to anyone.

Then the question comes, are we really thinking right? Or is it also an illusion of our mind?Is this really so or is it the thinking of our imaginary world.

Or many times the question comes, why did they leave us in this condition when we needed them the most. But even today, we think many times, maybe everything can be right again. Maybe all our friends or all our loved ones come back to us again. Many times we try to improve ourselves. We try to assure them that we have come out of that condition. We try to prove that this situation will never happen again.We cry and cry and say that we did not want to do this or we did not do it intentionally?We also don’t know what is happening to us.

Do you also have such thoughts in your mind, tell us in the comment section

Relax…this is not your fault .It can happen to are very brave, fighting with oneself is not a matter of everyone. Keep going

Let me ask you a question, why?

Why do you want such people in your life who left you due to your condition? Why do you want to do all these things as before, due to which you have been able to recognize the difference between enemy and friend?

Let’s make a fresh start. Let’s start expecting from ourselves now. You do not need someone who can leave you as your mental illness acts up. Try to get out of all this yourself. Get help from a doctor, get help from a therapist. Whatever you want to do, whatever you do, but get out of this have to win from this situation. There is no one so weak in this world who is unable to get out of his/her condition. Recognize the power of your mind and try to get out of this condition. You have to get out of this condition before you can fulfill your dreams. You will fall again and again while healing but remember healing is not a linear process. You will have to start from the beginning again and again but do not stop trying! Repeated attempts make even water break the stone So why not you?

Thank you

You are doing great we are proud of you. Keep going

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Let’s do something good.

I would like to say something before starting. Sometimes we wonder when we will get out of depression, whether we will be able to come out or not?If I can get out of depression You can definitely get out of it.You must be thinking why?Believe me I was one of the weakest and timid people.🤣I used to dread thinking that a problem would come.And when there was no problem, I was afraid why there is no problem.🤣🤣Yes, it is true.I am telling the truth. So think if a person like me can come out, why don’t you?

You guys have to do two thing.

First – write a letter to yourself And in this letter write the things that you want to say to yourself. Give thanks to yourself, thank your body and mind for supporting you. write those things down Because of which you consider yourself lucky.

Second – Write a letter to those who are suffering from depression or anxiety or with any other mental illnesses. Write down what you want to say to them. The message you want to give to them.

Send these letters to us. You can email us on or you can send it on our Instagram @self_help_club12. We will post the message of you. Remember letter of yours will be the cause of hope for many people.💓💫

Let’s talk about refreshing the mood a bit🤭😉

1-First of all, step out of your room.– it’s necessary, Stop isolating yourself. we know this is a bit difficult but we have to do it. Even if go out for a few minutes but go out. Talking to a support group, friend and family can improve your mood and make you feel better. Today just go out and ask just what is prepared in the food. Don’t do anything today just sit and eat with everyone or go out and play with a pet or just go for a walk outside. Do any of these things that’s enough in the beginning. The common mistake that most of us make is to cut off ties with our surrounding, with our friends, families, and neighbors, it is a bit difficult to control this thing no matter how much we try, we cannot control ourselves. That is why I am saying just start with a few minutes. And the day you could not that day as a cheat day. Cheating is also fun at times.No😉😛 No, I am not teaching the wrong thing. I’m just telling you.🤣🤣

2-just stop and make time for yourself – I miss some lines on this point.

Give yourself time then you know who you are …… If you will go to ask the people of the world…….You will find yourself a loser.

Just pause and ask yourself WHY YOU ARE SAD AND WHAT IS BOTHERING YOU ? Yes, we don’t know why we are sad or what is bothering us ? There is no reason for this thing but still think once! may be we are bothering by certain thoughts or memories that remind us of our traumas…just think about it…Only you have the answers to the questions that are coming in your mind, find the answers to those questions!… may be during answering your own questions, you will reach the depth from where it all started…remeber No one can understand you better than you.You can also become your own best friend and your own worst enemy.Now it is up to you whether you become your best friend or your worst enemy

3-lets talk about it ~ Do you know what is the problem, even if we talk about it, then we do not really tell what is going on in our mind. We don’t even talk about the real thoughts that are coming to our minds. Even if someone asks us what is going on in our mind, then we start answering strangely. And many of us refuse to talk. And I was also one of those many people. I understand that we are not able to trust that the person in front of us will understand but believe me this was my biggest mistake. Once you talk openly in front of them, then see!…. You will not regret it. Your therapist, your support group, family, friends are there to aid you in this process. When you start sharing things openly with them,  then the burden of sadness will start to reduce from you. You do not need to suppress your feelings.


Always remember this line…Now let us try to take it a bit positively. Think if this bad time had not come, would we have been able to find the difference between loved ones and strangers. Think about how many people did we find who really didn’t deserve to be with us. If this bad time has not come, would we have found such people? Whatever is your condition now, just accept yourself. We just can’t accept that it all happened to us. First of all, accept that yes this accident has happened. You cannot change what happened, but you can definitely do something good for those who are struggling with the same problem. Think about it

Talk to those whom you have known for a long time with whom you have spent a lot of time. Those whom you used to consult, those whom you helped ,who used to help you. Once you tell them your problem, then look, they will still help you today.I agree that you cannot tell everything at once. Tell them your words slowly. I am sure you can do this. I am a stranger when I can trust you so much, then try to trust yourself a little. Start Expressing Yourself. Believe it will feel great!

In the next blog, I will talk about some more new and practical methods . Till then stay safe and take care….you can do it



As I promised in my previous blog. Today I will share my experience with all of you. Since childhood, I used to think a lot. You say either because of the environment around me or because of some incidents in childhood. Nobody wants to think too much. Nobody is happy thinking more. But perhaps the surrounding environment makes that person like that. I used to think that if I get scared of this problem then this problem will not come in the future. In order to prevent something wrong from happening in the future, I used to fear those problems which had not happened yet. I used to think that by doing this I can stop the problems coming in the future. This problem continued until I grew up. Now you must be wondering what was the reason behind this? Actually, there was an incident behind it. Once I lost a copy of a friend of mine. At that time I was very scared because of my over-thinking. Every possible thought started coming in my mind that could happen to me. Like if my friend ended the friendship? The biggest fear if she told my parents? I used to fear the same thing in all my problems. What if my parents come to know? Don’t know how they will react? What if they get angry and start beating me?If their head bowed because of me?Well! Come back to the incident. I cried all night thinking about all the problems. I could not even sleep all night. The next day when I went back to school. My friend had her copy. Because my friend took her copy from me on the first day. And I felt that God has done all this because I was very scared. Since then I used to think that if I get scared then God will not let me have any problem. I did not have many friends since childhood because I was lost in my own fantasy world. Whatever I used to watch on TV or in a video. I used to feel that the same thing is happening around me. I told these things to people and because of this, they started making fun of me. I used to cry alone in the room overnight. As I grew older all these problems also increased. Due to fear of incidents in childhood, I could not share anything with anyone. But I used to control my emotions But as I grew up I started losing control of my emotions. As soon as all these things started getting out of my control. I thought I would have to share this with someone Then I told my friends about it and This was my first turning point. At this point, I lost many of my friends. Some friends left me by calling me fake and some had given up seeing my condition. Life looked like a burden on me. I tried to prove to them that I was not wrong But to no avail. I had become such that I just wanted to be alone in the room. If someone used to come to my room, I used to get so angry that why did they come here, why don’t these people go away I used to feel suffocated. When I tried to share these things with family members, they could not understand what was happening. They used to think, I am worried about my future but I was losing more in my fantasy world. The next biggest turning point came when I lost a very close friend of mine. I started putting all the blames on myself. I used to think the whole mistake is mine. When there was no help from anywhere when no one could handle me I decided that now I have to seek the help of a doctor. When my medicines started. As long as they had an effect, I would be fine. As soon as the effect was over, my condition would worsen. I tried different doctors and took different medicines But to no avail. And finally, I got fed up and stopped taking medicines. I had lost all hope. I used to think that now I cannot recover. When there is no help from anywhere, nature is always there to help you. Really Believe Me. The first thing I did was that I started to get out of the room! Initially, I used to go out for only 5 minutes. Trust me I used to cry a lot. There was no hope left. But tell me one thing, will you keep on crying like this? No dude, we too have to live life.

These are the thing I started to get out of depression. 1- I started believing that yes, I can get out of depression. Even if it takes me more time, I can. 2The second thing started coming out of the room. 3-Started reading Spiritual book for a few moments. 4 I used to eat whatever I loved. 5Meditation for a few seconds a day.

In the beginning, I started doing just these things. And every other day I used to think, I can’t do it anymore. And I could not do these things even on a regular basis. But I used to give myself a belief every day that yes I can. And Where there is a will there is a way. Whatever happens, is for good. The solution is around us, we just need to find it.

In the next blog I will talk about these methods in detail.

One more thing if your treatment is going on, please do not give up medicine!

Thank you

Let’s begin our journey toward mental wellbeing

In 2018- approx 48,344 people died in America (acc to google )

18 may 2020 – a thirteen year old commits suicide in yamunanagar,India

“We’re in the middle of a full- blown mental health crisis for adolescents and young adults” said Jean M. Twenge, research psychologist at San Diego State university and author of the book “iGen”

Hey guys

You must be wondering why I am telling you all these things? Or what do I want to show you? How many of us are suffering from depression, anxiety or many other mental illnesses?

Guys, Only a few people are able to get help from doctors. Some may not even know what is happening to them? And there are some who come to know about their condition, but still they are not able to take the help of experts. You must be thinking why?

There can be many reasons for this. Such as lack of money or they Don’t know about mental Illnesses Or the pressure of society. Trust me Society’s pressure is such a reason that many people are afraid to take any step Or afraid to tell someone infact depression is the biggest cause of suicides

“Depression is an issue that needs to be heard. It can affect anyone at any stage of life, impacting relationships, work, and social interactions, and impending our ability to live life to its fullest. Depression can be managed and overcome.” Said Poonam khetrapal Singh, Regional Director, WHO Southeast Asia, in a statement.

Everyone tells us how to get out of depression, what to do, and what not to do.

They tell us different things like Like read a book, learn new things, do this do that. But they do not understand that we know all these things that they will help us, but still, we are not able to. Don’t know why but can’t? We do not have enough energy to do all this work. Just tell me how will a person who fights to get up in the morning read a book, get up to do workouts? Nobody tells that if you are not well then it is fine. Sometimes it is okay not to be okay. The real problem is that people do not understand. They do not take this problem seriously. I was also among those who tried to find a source of inspiration to get up in the morning. Many times I started crying after getting up. Or kept looking at the wall like crazy. I used to get lost in my own fantasies. I too have gone through a problem like depression That’s why I can understand your problem. At that time we need a person who really understands us instead of blaming or judging us. We really need someone in front of whom we can say everything openly. In front of which we could cry openly. We really need a person who can support us when everyone else has already left. Many people do not have someone who can care for them. When I was fighting my depression I had no one to handle me. In view of these things, I prefer my career in medicine. I started a platform or a club In which our team will provide emotional support to those who need it. We will try to help those who are struggling with the problem of depression or with any other mental illnesses (If you need help and there is no one to help you, you can mail us at “” or you can dm us on Instagram at @self_help_club12 ).

We know that we can win with anything, but winning with our minds is not so easy. Guys Have faith when you start coming out of depression you will feel that this misery was necessary. Just trust the process…Whatever happens, is for good. And yes If you can fight that misery, then you can get out of this depression too…

In the next blog, I will talk about my journey of getting out of depression

Thank you